About the Daily Clothes Line

NK1I founded The Daily Clothesline as an outlet for my various ramblings and observations. The site, which is a constant work in progress, is primarily dedicated to all kinds of everything described in a serious, humorous or mildly offensive manner. Always happy to connect, I welcome any feedback, comments or indeed contributions so feel free to contact me via the comments section or our Twitter feed. I like a robust chat but anyone tempted to post anything hateful or offensive (to other people) can find another page to spread that negativity.

About Neil:

Quite simply, I’m a kickboxing, guitar playing,sports nut and film fanatic with a low tolerance for nonsense. You can follow me on @nkeegan  on twitter. We also have our podcast called The Couch Pundit ( https://itunes.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-couch-pundit/id1315569500?mt=2).

We have had contributions from Dave over the years and still link to hit twitter page, always worth a look.

Any questions, comments or requests for signed photos are always welcome.

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