The Bat-Fleck

The Bat-Fleck.

These three words, or two and a half words are sending shockwaves through the bat-osphere. For those who are busy living in the real world, reading real news let me fill you in. In the next film involving the caped crusader, Ben Affleck will be playing the Batman.

I had the exact same reaction you just did.


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Modern Rugby & the Social Media Goldfish Bowl

One of the most high profile Irish rugby players, Heaslip has utilised Twitter to maximum benefit

A post I had planned on writing for a while, I was spurred on by recent media reports concerning the nocturnal activities of a couple of unnamed Irish rugby players. The media hunt, led by the Sunday Independent, is illustrative of the every brightening glare of public and media interest in the lives of professional rugby players in Ireland. With this in mind, I wanted to take a brief look at social media and the increasingly important role it plays in the modern game.

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