Tips for House Sharing – Finding Somewhere to Lay Your Head

“Sorry mate, was that your toothbrush?”

This week, at the request of my landlord, I provide some pointers for people looking to rent a room/share a house. I know he reads this blog from time to time so here you go Len.

I have been sharing a house in Dublin city centre for just over 12 months now and based on anecdotal evidence and my own experience of searching for a room, I think I am in a position to give the benefit of my experience.

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Tips for Tenants – Navigating the Rental Market

Get more bang for your Euro

Following on from my recent post – ‘Tips for Landlords’ – I wanted to follow up with a post containing some tips for people looking to rent. I have rented properties in Dublin city centre for a few years and between myself and friends we have seen pretty much everything the rental market can throw at you. Below are some general pointers which are worth bearing in mind, particularly for first timers.

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