Nom Nom Review: Mrs Doyle’s Irish Blend Tea

20130215_185146I was recently given a couple of bags of Mrs Doyle’s Irish Blend Tea by my brother. Fond of a good brew and a big Father Ted fan, I was eager to give it a try. The Mrs Doyle’s website describes the blend of Assam, Sri Lankan Uva and Darjeeling as a “decent Irish tea” and it is hard to argue otherwise.

Assam is typically the main ingredient in traditional everyday teas and like most Irish people, I like my tae with a drop of milk. I let the tea stew for about 3 minutes and add a dash of milk (depending on the type).

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The 6 Nations so Far

So here we are. Less than a week after a result that none of us saw coming.

There is no one in the country that saw that first half coming. We didn’t even dare dream about a performance like that. It was fantastic to see a team playing to their potential.

The team looked brave, cohesive, cunning and confident. Word that we haven’t used to describe the Irish rugby team in a while. I thought that Wales would have aimed at Ross and tried to get him off the pitch by any means necessary, then firing the ball out wide where they had the physical advantage. But they didn’t get a chance in the first half.

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